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How to convert SVG to GEOJSON to place on map, scale and rotate

For those who care about how to place SVG figure on map to get a shapefile or GeoJSON:

Use JOSM - Java OpenStreet Map Editor

  • You'll need JAVA (download and install it from Sun)
  • Install JOSM
  • Press F12 or open «Edit → Preferences»
  • In «Plugins» section search for «importvec» plugin:

  • Save and restart JOSM
  • Press «Download map data» button:

  • Select small area and press «Download»
  • Add a new layer by selecting «File → New layer»
  • Drag'n'drop your SVG to JOSM window.
  • Pressing Ctrl+Alt, Shift+Alt will scale and rotate objects.
  • «File → Save As → GeoJSON»

That's all!


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